The health risks cause by inhalation of smoke from the air of nonsmokers

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Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke

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Groups at Risk Although everyone exposed to secondhand smoke is at risk, certain groups of people are at higher risk for developing severe problems from secondhand smoke.

Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

It can cause or make worse a wide range of damaging health effects in children and adults, including lung cancer, respiratory infections and asthma.

The American Lung Association has more information available on laws protecting the public from exposure to secondhand smoke. Inthe U.S. surgeon general concluded that secondhand smoke was a major health risk to nonsmokers.

The Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Inthe surgeon general estimated that secondhand smoke causes the premature death of 41, adults and more than infants each year. Secondhand smoke, or passive smoking, causes an increased risk of respiratory illness, heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, and worsens symptoms of COPD.

Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke No amount of secondhand smoke is safe. Disparities in Nonsmokers' Exposure to Secondhand Smoke — the United States, Effects of Secondhand Smoke: Facts. Reviewed By JAMES E.

GERACE, Secondhand smoke exposure puts children at risk for health problems including severe asthma, In addition to cancer, secondhand smoke causes serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and other illnesses.

Second Hand Smoke Second hand smoke occurs when someone uses and exhales tobacco products such as cigarettes, Since it is estimated that million deaths are attributed in the U.S.

to health problems caused by exposure to secondhand smoke. Separating smokers and nonsmokers within the same air space may reduce, but does not.

The health risks cause by inhalation of smoke from the air of nonsmokers
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Second Hand Smoke | National Environmental Health Association: NEHA