The car trip

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Take plenty of time to get the car ready for your trip. If two adults are traveling, consider yourself lucky and arrange for one person to sit in the backseat next to the baby. If you are traveling alone with your little one, you’ll need to be more creative in setting up the car, and you’ll want to plan for more frequent stops along the way.

Mileage Tracking and Reimbursement Simplified

This was the first summer both my sister and I were going to be home from college. I was just over my sophomore year and sis was one year younger finishing her freshman year. Make an interactive model of your vehicle on a trip! Show your child exactly how much ground you've covered, and how much more you have to go!

Color it and attach it to a ribbon or string inside your car. The best of both worlds. Whether you use your car for your own business or your company provides mileage reimbursement, TripLog is the app for you. If you fly into Dublin and plan to see the city, pick up the rental car after exploring for a day or two.

It is easy to get around the capital using public transport. Car Trip Bingo Game Instructions Long car trips can be boring for kids if they aren't kept busy. But you also want to keep them busy with games that don't have .

The car trip
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