The canadian immigration policy and the racial discrimination it induced

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Immigration Essay

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Racism and the Media

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Canada's immigration laws from included explicitly racist language and due to this non-european immigration was discouraged. Inthe Chinese Immigration Act implemented a head tax on Chinese Immigration (Taylor;2) Immigration from India was controlled by the "single continuous journey" clause with basically stopped all immigration from those regions (Taylor;2).

Canadian immigration policy favors immigrants with high levels of education and experience in high-demand industries to try to attract high-skilled workers to boost economic growth.

The Racist Truth About Canadian Immigration

In recent years, over half of all immigrants have entered Canada under a point system that rates applicants on factors like education, age, work experience, and language ability. Ducharme, Michele () The Coverage of Canadian Immigration Policy in the Globe and Mail (), Currents, Fiske, John and John Hartley () Reading Television.

London and. Troper points to a series of notorious examples of past discrimination in Canada’s immigration policy: the infamous Chinese head tax; the exclusion of black Oklahoman farmers from coming to Canada in ; the refusal in May of most of the Indians aboard the Komagata Maru after landing in Vancouver, where the ship spent two months before it was ordered back to India; the exclusion of.

Canadian immigration authorities rated newcomers according to their race, perceived hardiness and farming ability: If British immigrants are not available, other white immigrants would do.


White immigrants from Eastern Europe (Italians, Portuguese, South Slavs, Greeks, Syrians, Jews) were reluctantly accepted in large numbers, but Black and Asian immigration is discouraged.

The canadian immigration policy and the racial discrimination it induced
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The Racist Truth About Canadian Immigration